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Empowering tertiary students to live big, influential and Godly lives for Christ. Asian Christian students. Weekly worship and prayer services on Crawley campus, special interest Bible study groups fortnightly, outreaches, annual mission trip. Our emphasis and aim is to rally young Christians to see our campus won for Christ, to equip young Christians to effectively witness to their peers. Want to make an impact with your life for Christ? Want to know God? See miracles in your life? Live a fulfilled life? Yeah so do we. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives through Christ then join the team.

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QLD Campuses


Welcome to the QLD Universities groups!

O WEEK UPDATE: University of the Sunshine Coast – Connect groups have begun!

USCWe’re gathering students in ‘missional’ discipleship groups. Can you imagine what might happen when teams of passionate, caring, creative, students connect? These dynamic small groups of students are connecting to support , release , and mobilise each other with a passion to Impact the World. Inspiring bible studies: Foundational Truths, Serving, Leadership, and Mission. Social Outings, Outreach opportunities, Prayer.


This year will be a highlight in the life of our group on the University of Queensland. Gathering together Christian students from various churches and denominations we seek to encourage one another, reach out to those around us and make Jesus known on campus! We come together in prayer meetings, small group studies and social activities. Because we’re from a range of churches, if you’re living away from home and in need of a new church, we can help you find a place you’ll be comfortable.

CHC-in full logoThe College aims to be a Christian higher education institution that prepares people to make a difference in the world around them and in their professional career.  To love God with your whole heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbour as yourself, are the principles which guide CHC’s mission and which give shape to our pursuit of higher education within a Christian vision of life. The outworking of this is through CHC’s understanding of a Christian worldview which underpins and informs all of our pursuits.

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WATCH THIS SPACE to hear about the new groups being formed on campuses this year!

Make The Most Of Uni

shutterstock_92777854 It was February 2003, I had just spent the summer of my life with my mates mostly at the beach and Planetshakers Conference. The year before, I had finished school and was set to start Myotherapy (Physio equivalent for those with a less than 95 enter score) at an inner city university in Melbourne. At Planetshakers conference I received the Baptism in Holy Spirit and was feeling challenged to fast and prayer every Thursday during the year, so I did.

Here is a snap shop of some of the things that happened:

I had a vision in a prayer time of a girl I had never met who turned out to be in my tute group. When I met her I couldn’t believe it, I was like what is going on here! Turns out she was a back slidden Christian and I was able to help her out with questions she had which were holding her back.

I remember SMSing a friend with a word of knowledge who was studying at a country university. The word of knowledge was, “The guy you like now is not the guy, wait for the right guy.” I got an SMS back saying, “You’re probably right, the guy I like is a big pot smoker”. She ended up steering clear of that guy and is now getting married this month to a great guy.

Looking back I remember the amount of opportunities to share my faith with my tute group. In fact, I remember a break period of about 20 minutes where the whole tute group was openly discussing Christianity. I didn’t initiate the conversation but I sure spoke into it.

Would I choose to prayer and fast regularly if I had my time at uni again? Absolutely.

Raymond Mitchell, Victorian Universities DirectorRaymo

Decrease Your Budget, Not Your Lifestyle

shutterstock_18704263 As you take another painful bite into that tuna sandwich, it might be time to consider, are there other ways I can decrease my budget that won’t send my taste buds to an early grave?! Well the answer, my friends, lies in a well established organisation called the op shop. An op shop, you mean dead peoples clothes? Well yes, in part, but there are also some serious brand name bargains at op shops and here is how to get them:

  • Look for an op shop that has a manager that seems to have little knowledge on brands. If Target cheapies are priced the same as Rip Curl, you’re in the right place.
  • After a couple of weeks ask for a discount. Don’t be crazy on this, but if 3 items cost $12 ask to have it for $10. At the end of the day all items are donated to op shops, so no matter what they make on the item it’s all profit.
  • Come in when the new stock is being put on the shelves. Op shops work on getting things in and out fast so you need to be there at the right time. Generally most stock gets donated on Saturdays and is sorted and put on the shelves by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.
  • Befriend the op shop staff. You will find if you befriend the op shop staff they will tell you the best times to come in and may even hold the items you want straight away before they get put on the shop floor.

Tuna sandwiches taste great for about a week and then the countdown begins to real food from part-time work in uni holidays. There is no need to become another tuna statistic, simply decrease your budget by finding the right local gold mine op shop. When there’s lamb in your sandwich and Industry on your shirt, you won’t regret it.

Raymond Mitchell, Victorian Universities DirectorRaymo

Starting New Initiatives

Once upon a time there was a, there was a, a……………..

shutterstock_85726840Sometimes starting things can be the biggest challenge. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t sat down to write an essay just to find themselves staring at the empty word document one hour later. Just like starting an essay, starting any new initiative can be a challenge, although there are some key insights which can make the process easier.

In real estate the catch cry is ‘Location, Location, Location’. In starting new initiatives the catch cry is ‘Credibility, Credibility, Credibility’. Throughout the last few years I have spoken to many leaders who can’t seem to understand why people aren’t getting involved in their new initiative. Often these leaders have heard from God and have a very good vision, but people don’t seem to be catching it. This is because of that magical word credibility.

Let’s put it this way, imagine a phone company starts up and offers $800 credit per month on a $15 cap. Would you immediately change to that phone company? No, you wouldn’t. Reason being, you want to know things like: Do they have good coverage? Can they provide the service they are offering? Can I trust them? But if that same phone company was around for 2 years offering that same rate with a good reputation then I bet you would choose them. It is the same with starting a new initiative, it takes time to build trust in people around you. But when you have it, watch how many people get behind the vision.

It doesn’t have to be a frustrating waiting game though; here are some things that you can focus on while your credibility builds:

1. Learn: Seek to find people who have done what you are planning on doing and learn from them. Let key people speak into your life and be accountable.

2. Have a small win: Maybe you can’t fulfil your whole plan as yet, that’s ok, find one part of your vision you can do and do it. It’s often said ‘can you eat an elephant?’ And the answer is yes. One bite at a time.

3. Develop your character: A tree is not held up by its branches, it is held up by the unseen roots under ground. In the same way, character is often the unseen attribute of a leader, but it’s the most important.

4. Develop your core people: Players win trophies, but teams win premierships. Spend time developing a team and watch your capacity increase drastically.

5. Make the vision clear: Spend time praying into the vision and attempting to write it down as clearly as possible. At the end of the day as people get on board, they will need to know where they are going and how they are going to get there.

Starting new initiatives can be a challenge, but it can be a rewarding time also. Spend less time worrying about why people aren’t getting on board and more time on developing yourself and others around you. As your credibility grows, wait and see the amount of people who get behind your vision.

Raymond Mitchell, Victorian Universities DirectorRaymo

NSW Campuses


O WEEK UPDATE: UOW –  Large outreach during O Week. Many new contacts made as our group joins forces with Red Frogs on campus. Awesome start to the year!

Welcome to the NSW Universities groups! We’re passionate for Jesus Christ and his purpose in our lives, that’s why we’re committed to joining together, reaching out to those around us, impacting our campuses, building our local churches and pursuing global mission. Find your campus below and check out what’s happening.


UOWThe group on University of Wollongong (UOW) draws students from a range of churches and joins them together with a common heart for Jesus and to make him known to others on campus. We get together in a range of formal and informal gatherings and our heart is to hang out, build great relationships, support each other and obey Jesus. We’d love to meet you in 2015.

SYDNEY We’re looking forward to an awesome year at University of Sydney in 2015. We love to encourage one another, reach out to those around us and make a difference for Jesus! We come together in prayer meetings, small group studies and social activities. We’re drawn together from a range of churches, so if you’re living away from home and in need of a new church, we can help you find a place to call home.

MACQUARIE Macquarie University lies at the geographical heart of Sydney and we seek to make the heart of Jesus known on campus. You can join us in prayer meetings, small group studies, social activities and reaching out to those around us. If you’re a new student at Macquarie, we’ll help you in practical ways as you get to know the campus, settle into studies and build new relationships.


UNSW This year will be a highlight in the life of our group on the University of New South Wales. Gathering together Christian students from various churches and denominations we seek to encourage one another, reach out to those around us and make Jesus known on campus! We come together in prayer meetings, small group studies and social activities. Because we’re from a range of churches, if you’re living away from home and in need of a new church, we can help you find a place you’ll be comfortable.



Students for Christ at the University of New England, Armidale is a Pentecostal/Charismatic fellowship open to all the students irrespective of age, gender, race, cultural background or denomination. We facilitate Christian activities including worship, prayer, the ministry of the Word and evangelism in order to encourage, foster and develop Spirit-filled followers of Christ within the UNE community. For more information feel free to get in contact. God Bless!

Email: sfc@aog.asn.au   Website: www.sfc.aog.asn.au   Facebook: Students for Christ – UNE

blog_UTSUTS – Making a Godly difference in peoples lives on campus. 2015 is going to be an awesome year as we gather together to lift up the name of God, encourage one another, do life    together, support each other and have a tone of fun along the way.
UWS has been named one of the world’s top
universities in the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings, placing UWS among the top two percent. We strive to impact our campus for God, and to do great
things in his name.
WATCH THIS SPACE to hear about the new groups being formed on campuses this year!

VIC/TAS Campuses

vic jump shot

SFC Vic Update

What an incredible time to be involved in campus ministry. The university year might be coming to a close but students are running red hot.

With June and July being exam and holiday periods, on campus action has occurred only during August in this quarter.

prayer and fasting week

On the 17th of August we had the radical outbreak event which was the launch for our week of prayer and fasting. It was an incredible night where God spoke clearly to a number of students and graduates who were there. Amy released a song she wrote at the national leaders training last July, Warren spoke a now word, and there was a strong prophetic ministry time. Big thank you to Dale and Claire Hembrow for the hours you put into the behind the scenes set up of the event.

During the week of prayer and fasting students and campus workers hit the campuses and prayed. At Melbourne University during a campus prayer walk, Amanda saw a Muslim friend and began to witness to him.  Check out this link to hear her incredible testimony of what happened while she was praying for him. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152199694754922&set=vb.793749921&type=2&theater

Plans are under way right now for:

–          2015 orientation week

–          2015 + 2016 Missions trips

–          Large scale mobilised prayer on campuses in 2015.

Please keep praying for us as we seek to increase everything we are doing, and work towards student lead groups on every campus in Victoria.


April+May Update 2013:

Plenty is happening across the state of Victoria. This semester alone through the Valiant efforts of Ken we have seen SFC groups started on another 3 campus with weekly prayer groups now occurring on those campuses. Kelly and her prayer warriors out in Ballarat Uni are praying it up on campus everyday. Shannon and his crew at Latrobe Bundoora are going great guns as they always do. Michelle and the guys at Vic Uni are looking to consolidate and push hard at mid year o week. Randy and his team have been thrown in the leadership deep end but are coming up with the goods, with prayer, weekly meetings and outreach all occurring on campus. Ps. Darrel and Jahzeel ripped it up at the welcome dinner in Warrnambool. Ps. Phillip and Eunice are seeing great things happen at Monash Uni Parkville through prayer, weekly meetings and a missions focus.
Not to forget Jono and the semester 1 prayer session, which saw almost a 50% increase in those engaged in prayer for the campuses compared to the same time last year.
In all we now have a weekly influence on 8 campuses. That being said we would love you to pray with us to see that influence grow on each campus and to see more groups start on other campuses.

O WEEK UPDATES: Melbourne Uni – 115 new members! 18 students at Welcome dinner! 30+ students at week 1 main meeting! Law student prayer is began on 29/1/12! English class started on 1/3/12! Monash – 20+ sign ups! LaTrobe Bundoora – 5 pages of new contacts. A dozen interested in church launch! RMIT – Connect group starting! Victoria Uni – 40+ signs ups! Began first connect group, Tuesdays 1pm-2pm. Starting another connect group next week!

LATEST NEWS: We had our pre semester prayer session on Wednesday 22nd of February with 48 students and campus workers with 6 of the 8 Universities represented. Thus far we have had O week at Victoria University with double the amount of sign ups that we need. Also Monash and Melbourne have their O days Thursday 23rd of Feb and Friday 24th of Feb. Please keep us in your prayers. The next combined event is a Melbourne city tour which we expect anywhere between 50-150 students.

Over the past 12 months, groups on Swinburne University, Deakin University, Monash University, La Trobe University and University of Melbourne have been in contact with over 500 students, through various social, church and discipleship events.


SWINBURNESwinburne University, Hawthorne Campus, have had fortnightly Christian hang outs as well as started a Basketball Outreach Program.



DEAKINDeakin University, Warrnambool Campus, have planted a Saturday night church service on campus for those students who can’t normally make it to a church service. Lifegroups have been formed and students are being discipled.


MONASHMonash University, Inner City Campus, have held weekly meetings, on top of an Outreach Event that pooled 80 students and their social events on campus such as Waffle days and BBQs.


LATROBE Our aim at University Together is to help students at La Trobe feel connected and cared for. Through this approach, our goal is to introduce students to the relationship they were created to have with our heavenly Father. We are committed to creating a strong sense of community amongst students and to motivate them to reach out to others and to reach their full potential in life through Christ.

MELBOURNEUniversity of Melbourne has had weekly meetings, fortnightly law student prayer meetings and various social events.
They have connected with 40 Chinese students each week for      English classes and from this, have created a discipleship course for these students. Mid year 2011, they saw 70 students participate in the Melbourne City Tour.Their monthly social events have ranged from cherry picking to activities at a local park.

To connect with Students For Christ on your Campus, CLICK HERE.


shutterstock_89251483Christians In The Law – University of Melbourne

In early September 2011, a downtown city restaurant was filled with Christians working in the legal profession, Christian law students and their friends to discuss the topic of ‘Resilient Love’ and how the principles found in 1 John 4:18-19 can be applied in legal practice. It was a night where connections were made, encouragement was exchanged and hope for this profession was renewed (with some delicious food as well!).

A ‘Christian lawyer’ may seem like an oxymoron, but they do exist! Obviously, so do   Christian law students, however, it may take a while to find them- especially in an area of study (and profession) that is seemingly hostile to the idea that faith could contribute positively to society.

So how do I get connected with other Christians in this profession?

Click the link at the bottom of this article and ask for more information about the Victorian Christian Legal Society (VCLS). There is usually an informal lunch for Christian legal professionals and students held on the last Friday of each month. There is no structure, no agenda and no study – just good conversation and you are welcome to invite those who aren’t Christians as well.

I’m still a student. How can I get connected with other Christians studying law?

shutterstock_83085676Click the link at the bottom of this article to connect with other Christians studying law. If there isn’t a group on your campus, why not initiate something? Start with prayer and if connecting with other Christian law students is on your heart, God will bring it together!

This is how the Melbourne Uni Law Students Prayer Group was formed in Semester 2, 2011. Posters were stuck on toilet doors, notices were put up on the student portal and with the support of Universe, a Christian ministry on main campus, the group began meeting once a fortnight to pray together, for each other, for their friends and for their law school. It has been a great opportunity for law students of all year levels to connect and encourage each other in the faith. Another initiative that is beginning in October 2011 at Melbourne Uni is a book club that will discuss the intersection of faith and justice.

If you would like more information on any of the activities happening at Melbourne Uni for law students or would like help in setting up a group on your campus, feel free to CLICK HERE. Remember that a faith journey in the law school is not something you need to do alone but can be done with others.

– Amy Nhan, 2nd year, JD student at the University of Melbourne

WATCH THIS SPACE to find out plans for O week on your campus and to hear about the new groups being formed on campuses this year!

God Through The Eyes Of A Law Student

shutterstock_81190930 One of the main reasons why I chose to study law was because I wanted to learn about the concept of justice since it is something that God cares strongly about. As I’ve progressed through law school over the last six years, I have become increasingly convicted that as followers of Jesus, we are called to stand up for the oppressed, weak and needy. As a law student it is exciting to be learning the skills to be able to advocate on behalf of and assist those who are in need of protection by the law.

Recently I had the privilege of volunteering for International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that seeks to rescue victims of sexual exploitation, bonded labour, illegal property seizure and other forms of violent oppression. My time there opened my eyes to the horrors of injustice but also the hope that awaits the victim when the legal system can be activated to bring about their freedom. Advocating on the side of the victim makes it very easy for us to feel strongly that the perpetrators really deserve the harshest punishment possible to pay for the hurt and suffering they have caused. In contrast however I have also spent time learning about organizations such as Reprieve which advocates on behalf of defendants who are facing the death penalty and campaigns for abolishing the death penalty because of its finality as a punishment which leaves no room for human error.

I am reminded of this verse from the Bible – “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8) God clearly requires us to seek justice and to show mercy which means we are to not only stand up for the oppressed but also extend mercy to the oppressor. For most of society and certainly in the Western legal system, there is plenty of seeking justice for victims, at best a fair trial for perpetrators but extending mercy to perpetrators is rarely heard of. This makes me appreciate how God freely extended His mercy to me and all of us so much more. For Him to be our judge and require the penalty for our sin to be paid by death for justice to be done but then to send His Son Jesus to die on our behalf is certainly mercy displayed far beyond our comprehension. Jesus challenges us as His followers to “be merciful just as your Father is merciful” (Luke 6:36). As a law student it is certainly easy to focus on seeking justice without remembering to show mercy but we all need to continue to ask God to show us how to live as He would, being both a completely just and completely merciful God.

Mimi Chan
Law Graduate, University of Melbourne

Going Strong For God On Campus

Open-Bible-12 Over the last six years of being an undergraduate double degree Uni student, I have seen both instances of people’s relationship with God become distant and become more fired up. Being a Uni student marks a stage of life where we have a lot more freedom to choose our values, beliefs, ideas, friends, activities, etc. In the midst of such freedom, how can you keep going strong for God?

1. Get perspective

One of the most common challenges that students face at Uni is that they either get bogged down with studies so much that they feel that there is no time left for anything else or they’re too busy living it up with their social life. There is no doubt that both studying and socializing are important facets of Uni life but how does God want us to approach each of these areas? Our relationship with God will be strengthened when we allow Him to show us His way in all areas of life, including our life at Uni. Jesus gives us clear direction: “So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:31-33). God knows that if we are enrolled as Uni students, we need to study well and He also knows that as humans we have an inherent desire for friendships and connection with others. He tells us to focus first on what is close to His heart – developing our relationship with Him, living in His purposes, asking Him how we can serve Him and being ready to be His salt and light wherever we are – and trust Him with providing us with what we need in terms of our studies and friends.

2. Don’t miss God-given opportunities

Have you ever asked God why He has put you in such a time as this, on the campus that you’re in, studying the course that you’re studying? When I started asking this question as a first year, I realised that God has put me where I am, studying law and music at Uni, because He wants me share His good news with the particular group of people I find around me. On average, people only spend about four or five years at Uni so don’t miss the opportunity God has given you to be His witness. Even if you are involved in your local church community, you have a very unique opportunity to be one of the few workers who bring in the plentiful harvest. After all, Uni is where you spend the bulk of your time each week, where you will have the most time to connect with people and where people are open to new ideas – when we’ve got God’s perspective, every lecture, tutorial and social event could become a divine opportunity to help someone open their heart to receiving Christ.

3. Opt for teamwork

One of the most helpful things that I’ve done to strengthen my walk with God while at Uni is getting involved with Universe, one of the Christian clubs on campus. There is nothing like having the encouragement from other Christians who share the same perspective and realise the mission opportunities to spur you on in living out God’s purposes on campus. Spending time worshiping, praying, learning from the Bible and sharing the gospel together with fellow Uni students helps us keep our focus on God and is an amazing support when we face challenges since everyone shares a similar experience of campus life at your particular Uni. If you haven’t become involved with a Christian group on campus yet, consider signing up now!

Mimi Chan
Law Graduate, University of Melbourne

SFC Graduates, Live Facebook Meeting, 8th August, 2011

Copy of Group Image

HaschekJared Haschek
Hi everyone, sorry we couldn’t be a part of the chat-fest last night, we  have a Compliments of Gus rehearsal. Nearly 14 years ago at Monash Clayton SFC Justin Gall, Rebecca Haschek (nee Gregson) and myself started Compliments of Gus, and we’re still playing together! Many albums and hundreds of gigs later, it all started doing praise and worship at SFC. Such wonderful memories – can’t help but think that we took it a bit for granted at the time! Bec and I have 3 kids now and live in Diamond Creek.

Bettenay Cameron Bettenay
Sincere thanks to Jeff Williams our fearless State Leader, truly SFC Hall of Fame!

Lau Felicia Lau
2000-2001 Melb Uni

Cameron Bettenay
I remember meeting Paul Zarb in a game of RISK in the ’89 National Conference. World domination a.k.a. evangelism through missions.

Gillie M Milton Gillie
Anne & I were married Nov 1984, the first SFC marriage in VIC. Anyone in another state beat us?

Cameron Bettenay
By the way, we just started Youth Alive in the state of Mecklenburg Vorpommen in Germany’s North-East! Glory to God!

Horne Kelly Horne
I was at Carseldine BCAE in ’88 then Griffith Uni ’89-93. Great SFC memories!

Welch Kevin Welch
Hey warren remember ‘bash a christian’ at TAS Uni?

Robinson J Julie Robinson
Hi all. Mark here. Great to connect with everyone. Great memories of many great people… Warren Searles, Paul Zarb, Jeff Williams, John Shand… and JCU pople.

Jurgens Paul Jurjens
Hi, thought I’d drop in on your party, Mech. Eng at UNSW in early 80’s, loved what SFC was to many there. Remember movie, “Silent Scream”, camp at Blue Mountains, visits from Tim Hall & Gordon Gibbs. Inter-Uni activities & bold witnessing. As for me, dropped out of Uni, 25 years later Pastoring & piano tuning. Living in Casino, NSW.

Julie Robinson
I remember John Shand came and stayed at our place, just days before his departure to heaven… and he took our SFC camp at Magnetic Island. I still have the notes somewhere from that camp. Just couldn’t part with them. I remember getting up during the night, about 3am and his light was still on, and he was still seeking God…

Coombs Georgina Coombs
One very funny memory from a Monash Clayton leaders’ camp – praying for the leaders, one by one, in the centre of a circle. Many were being slain in the spirit. Warren Searles was there and we were praying for the wonderful Dayan Ramalingam, but instead of Dayan going down, Warren was collapsing as he laid hands on Dayan!

Austin Garry Austin
I really miss seeing the uni plastered with the name of Jesus. These days it is hard to find publicity evidence of a Christian club on campus. Great is the company of those who publish his word!

Garry Austin
I remember we got a large crowd turn up to hear Tim Hall but only after crazy days of very active publicising. Once the people came, God moved by His Spirit and people were healed.

Dawn Valerie Dawn
That is true Garry – same at unis here… not sure there is much of a Christian influence…

Garry Austin
I think they need to be reminded of what is possible! We were blessed with leaders who taught us about the past campus revivals. I remember Warren and Michael Fackerall taking me out onto Macquarie and Sydney universities to see how it was done. And the great training we had at SFC State meetings at Glad Tidings in Brisbane.

Garry Austin
Whatever has been done will be done again. What ever has been will be again!

Valerie Dawn
Yep – just have one of my guys the old stories to read through J building a new generation!

Fackerell Michael Fackerell
Yes, at least we got some messages out that way to the masses. That was fun!

Chaplain Tania Chaplain
Hi, I went to QUT Kelvin Grove and was involved in SFC from 1992-1994 I went on a missions trip to Thailand in Jan 1995. I loved SFC, it was such a huge influence in my Christian walk as I was only a brand new Christian when I started Uni.

Nicholson Oliver Nicholson
I think Thailand is the one other country that has benefitted the most from SFC missions trips.

Julie Robinson
We started a “Church on Campus” on Sunday nights for the students who couldn’t get to church. We had people come to Christ during those services, and I remember one rugby player who came in, sat up the back and later came and told us excitedly he’d been healed of a knee injury while in the meeting, listening to the sermon.

Johnston Keira Johnston
Thankyou to Daniel and Fiona Sanders for leading us with integrity, fueling our heart for God and people, teaching us the power of discipleship, preaching lifechanging sermons that I can still remember, believing in us, and giving your all for Jesus! Forever indebted to and inspired by you guys!

Grey Jacqui Grey
Hi to all the SFCers – I was in Sydney Uni SFC from 92-94 then a campus worker & later campus director from 95-98… Some fantastic memories of Tom Sirotnak & the power team tearing up phone books and breaking handcuffs outside the Carslaw building with hundereds of students watching… I’m now Academic Dean at Alphacrucis College & continually meeting ex-SFCers… Love to all!

Georgina Coombs
SFC Monash was Singles Forming Couples for our extended family in the ‘90s! I was Lorraine Hick’s DG leader and Angela Coombs was in Lorraine’s first year DG – Angela later became my sister-in-law, after she married Clayton and I married Clayton’s older brother, Conrad Coombs. Clayton’s best friend at Monash Caulfield, Michael Alejandrino, then married Angela’s sister Rach Alejandrino!

Ardu Sarah Ardu
Memories: approaching random people in the cafeteria to talk to them about Jesus as a regular part of individual appointments with DG members

Shand P Phil Shand
First National conference – “Have you come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” – what an inspiring theme to launch SFC nationally

Keira Johnston
‘God kicking butt’ story: some clubs tried to disaffiliate us then got disaffiliated themselves :O)

Cameron Bettenay
I got my heart for missions in a prayer meeting in a small building in the Sydney University in 1989 before the National Conference at Stanwell Tops. My Wife and I are both current Ordained Ministers with the ACC. Thanks Warren and SFC you gave us the start that set the pace for the rest of our lives, and we have not let up yet! I was at Griffith Uni Mt Gravatt and Nathan Campus as the Leader from 1989-1991. it was the closest thing to revival I have ever seen. In our final year hundreds came to the Lord, and hundreds more were filled with the Holy Spirit. We even saw a building that was used for a witches coven sold, taken off campus and instead of it being used for evil purposes, was used as a meeting hall for a Christian youth camp! Shane Brigg, David Liou and Angus McCracken were a major part of the Campus movement. These guys went on to lead the State SFC. I am now a High School Teacher on the Sunshine Coast. Every year for the past 6 years I have been going to Germany preaching the word as an Evangelist. Hundreds have been saved. I have also ministered in Solomon Islands on several occasions and in PNG. Melissa and I have been youth Pastors for 12 years, Assistant Pastors, Men’s, Women’s and Worship Pastors.

Hickey Booysen Sharon Hickey Booysen
I was at RMIT 1987-1990, then went on staff in QLD until 1994 when I left for Africa. How I miss those SFC days – saved, filled with the Spirit, and called to missions through SFC. The conferences were always life changing, and such a laugh too.

Garry Austin
And I miss the prayer and fasting retreats at Mt Tambourine!

Austin D Denise Austin
Wasn’t that because we couldn’t afford to buy food?

Turner Sally Turner
You know things come full circle, right?? I have just this year been asked to lead worship for prayer meetings on both Monash Uni and Melbourne Uni for current students!! Such a bizarre, and yet fitting thing to be involved in! The fire still burns on campus, believe me!!

Denise Austin
SFC short-term mission trips would have to be right up there in highlights too. What a privilege for Garry and I to take teams to Hong Kong and China – awesome times! Not to mention the incredible impact SFC has had through long term missionaries all over the world today. Every time a talk with an SFCer I can still see the same passion in their eyes for the people of the world – it’s in our DNA!

Quinlan Glynis Quinlan
I was part of a short-term missions trip to Thailand in the early 90s, but I was in the workforce at the time. Most of the others in the team were either still students or had just finished their degrees. It was a great time where taught English and lived in at the centre. Met some wonderful people!

Phil Shand
Meeting my future wife at Melbourne Uni enrolments when Tracy filled out the SFC questionnaire was pretty awesome. Always loved outreach, enrolment, surveys, o’week, discipleship groups, weekly meetings, prayer o’camps, conferences, missions trips so many lives transformed over the years. The “power team” exploding water bottles in the north court of Melbourne Uni was a definite memory!

Taylor Susannah Taylor
One of my memories being in Thailand with you and Tracy and then hearing 8 years later that one of the guys who became a Christian during that time is now a pastor aiming to reach his nation.

Sanders Daniel Sanders
Greatest SFC Memories: Jesus March at Melbourne Uni in 1995 involving all Christian Clubs – North Court stood still when David Ray (the male soprano) began singing Amazing Grace, also overflowing the Copeland Theatre with Johnny Lee Clary. Favourite poster when Cam Butler (Melbourne FC Chaplain) came to speak and we promoted “hear the word of the Lord from the mouth of a demon”

Lindsay Barrass
Some of my fondest memories and dramatic Christian growth came through SFC. God so blessed that group!

Keira Johnston
Best conference workshop – ‘2020 Vision’ run by Ken Johnston and Elsie Loh. Awesome. Changed my life.

Kevin Welch
Hi guys, I remember Paul Zarb giving me a cuppa with a take cockroach in it, at SFC leaders conference. I am not sure if I have forgiven him yet. Probably need some prayer counselling.

Kevin Welch
I am a TAS Uni graduate and was on campus 1984 – 1988 and again 1995

Zarb Paul Zarb
Kev, I remember you speaking enthusiastically at a conference in Tas in the late 80’s.

Yates Sharon G Yates
I remember early morning prayer meetings. The connections that were there were great. Quite a few of us live on campus and the time that we shared together, not necessarily formal meetings and the support was just awesome. It helped me get through my experiences.

Keira Johnston
Can’t recall attending a conference more powerful than the SFC State ones… Great worship, great speakers, great discussions, great prayer, great friends, great moves of God

Lindsay Barrass
I’m married with 2 kids and work in the Aviation industry (related to air traffic control). Still following Jesus!

Johnston Ken Ken Johnston
I remember speaking at Monash when I was a campus minister at Melbourne Uni. I thought they would be grateful to hear the gospel of Melbourne but they got really offended.

Julie Robinson
So many favourite memories! Do you know I still have my SFC badge and over the years when I’ve found it, I’ve held it in my hand and prayed and thanked God for those days… sometimes I’ve even worn it for a day or so J I remember the time Warren came and preached for us at JCU. After the meeting in the games room… the Holy Spirit moved powerfully and we went outside the room after the meeting and led people to Christ who hadn’t been in the meeting. One chap named Lucian was walking back from the library after a night of studying, just walking past. He had his bike and a backpack on. The Holy Spirit moved upon him, he gave his life to Christ on the sport, and then went down under the power…. Still with his backpack on… that was a great moment!

Sharon G Yates
Since leaving Uni I’ve been working at ANZ. Currently at Reservoir branch. Am now living our in Wallan with husband Shaun, son Lee (9yrs) and daughter Denise (4yrs).

Chivell Daniel Chivell
Hi all. Great to read all the stories. Anyone here from RMIT? I was there 97-2001, and then on VIC State team for a few years after that.

Booth Christop Booth
Also, remember having to brush my teeth with wasabi for 60 seconds, as a punishment for not wearing my name tag at VIC State conference. Also remember spitting it in David Waddell’s eyes afterwards…

Denise Austin
Hi everyone! I was at James Cook Uni SFC 1987-1989 – SFC camp 1987 Mark Robinson baptised me in water at Crystal Creek then Warren Searles prayed for me for the baptism in the Holy Spirit that night! How incredible that one day can change your whole life…

Lindsay Barrass
Hi all. Lindsay Barrass. RMIT Bundoora and LaTrobe Bundoora. 1989-92/3?

Sarah Ardu
Memories: Tim Hall “There is More” followed the next year by another outreach Tim Hall “There is Still More!”

Christop Booth
I remember dressing up as the Grim Reaper to walk around Ballarat campus, promoting our ‘What Happens When You Die?’ seminar! (not sure I’d do that again though!)

Glynis Quinlan
Hi all, my favourites memories include the SFC conferences such as ‘Have you come to the Kingdom for such a time as this’ (still remember that one!), the full on prayer meetings at Macquaire Uni and the fantastic Sydney Uni group I knew through my sister Tracie. I was awe-inspiring stuff that showed us the blessing of going all our for God.

Watt Bradley John Watt
Hi there, I’m Bradley Watt – at Sydney Uni from 1983-1992 – still living in Sydney – working at IBM.

Ken Johnston
I grew up in Townsville – an army brat – but went to uni in Melbourne. I remember Mark Robinson sharing at a VIC State Conference about the JCU student union declaring ‘SFC’ as their official religion. It sounded like all the committee became Christians. It was inspiring for a younger me.

Julie Robinson
Hi Ken… I remember Mark was really tired one particular night… he went to share the gospel with the student union on the Teachers College side. The Holy Spirit moved. He came home energised and told me a number of them had received Christ, and he then had a new discipleship group… God was amazing.

Sally Turner
I was at Monash Clayton SFC 1998-2002. I was involved in worship most of that time, and was a campus worker in 2002. I now work part time in the Worship ministry at church, and part time as a Monash lecturer! I met so many great people at SFC! People who challenged me to really know Jesus – to press in and experience more of Him. A truly invaluable time for me.

Zarb L Lucy Zarb
Hi all. Life since SFC has been busy with our 2 girls and various work and church commitments. I worked as an Integration Aide at Northside Christian College for 8 years until 2007, then in local kinders with special needs children and also now at Donvale Christian College (DCC). Rebecca (19) is training in Horticulture and Sharon (17) is in year 10 at DCC. We lead a Lifegroup at City Life Church. Manningham.

Keira Johnston
Best Mission trip: 7 girls headed to Halls Creek in the Kimberleys, survived the most dangerous town in Australia, cast out demons, heard testimonies of kids raised from the dead, and fell in love with the Aboriginal people!

Fok Joseph Fok
Memory: DG, Weekly meeting, conference and the many hours chatting and prayiong at the USYD Chapel.

Turnbull Cathryn Turnbull
Does anyone remember the Steve Grace concert at Melbourne Uni?

O'Brien Robyn O’Brien
SFC threw me in the deep end of leadership and I learned I COULD swim 😀 Thanks Daniel Sanders & Fiona!! You changed my life J

Valerie Dawn
We were so intensely committed to changing our world for Christ! Passion for the Gospel marked us for life.

Donnan Grant Donnan
Another memory was the national conference when Warren did the phone link up when he did the skydiving

Kelleher Bronwyn Kelleher
I was at RMIT 1991-1993 Bundoora

Oliver Nicholson
Memorable messages – Warren talking about using spiritual gifts in witnessing. Paul giving us the history of student ministry

Cathryn Turnbull
Amazingly God has me back at Melbourne Uni this year working exact same faculty I studied at when I came to Christ in 1993 through the wonderful ministry of SFC J

Grant Donnan
I remember Sarah Ardu coming into our lecture theatre 500+ math students in first year and Sarah quieted everyone to announce the Tim Hall rally, planted faith in me

Cathryn Turnbull
My memories are of Oliver and I dressing up as clowns and witnessing to students at the Union Building… and of course the angels and demon drama in the courtyard was awesome!

Daniel Sanders
I was thinking about that Angels and Demons skit the other day and about preaching after the skit in the open at Melbourne Uni. Pretty sure it was a good thing that I didn’t think about it and just did it…

Susannah Taylor
I remember the clowning

Susannah Taylor
I remember the Dave and Rosanna Palmer in the courtyard and our march for Jesus around the campus.

Susannah Taylor
Or going out with some people from OCF to witness an speaking with a girl from Thailand who wasn’t in the country for long.

Shand-Len Irene Shand-Len
The Great Creation Debate – Latrobe Uni, phenomenal worship at conferences, awesome leaders, Ros, Christine, Jenny – my first SFC DGers…

Milton Gillie
I remember Gary Parker speaking at Monash in the week of the great debate on evidence for creation. The first question he got was “Can you give us any evidence for creation?”

Wyndham Maylin Wyndham
Yep I remember all my fellow biol. student friends coming to the debate. I though Gary Parker was amazing, my friends all throught Dr Bock was amazing! Will never forget the huge number of people who rocked up…. wot gorilla suit?????????????????

Susannah Taylor
Favourite memories… there are so many. 8am prayer meetings, camps, conferences with the Muppets theme plated early in the morning, mission trip to Thailand and much more

Campbell Stuart Campbell
Hi. Studied at Monash/Chisholm Caulfield 1985-87. Pastor at Bayside Church and Partner @ Trew Results Pty Ltd

Carmody Suzanne Carmody
Hey guys, Melbourne Uni 1997-2001, living in Melb, running a youth group in Inverloch with hubby Michael Carmody. We have 3 boys. You guys scared the hell out of me when I first met you all 😉 but so grateful for the impact of this ministry in my life!

Keira Johnston
Memory: 8 am prayer meetings 3 days a week. Man we were hardcore!

Ken Johnston
Was that at Monash? At Melbourne we had 5am prayer meetings 8 times a week. That was before we got hardcore.

Sharon G Yates
Andrea Feary was our other worker. People I’d like to catch up with: Kaylene Smith, James and Jo Lewis, Darren Templer. I loved all the guest speakers we used to get, especially Allan Meyer. He was so entertaining.

Pool Jeffery Pool
Loved dg groups, surveys, taking younger students out witnessing, social activities, Christianity Explained courses and changing the world for Jesus.

Ken Johnston
Jeff Ive heard the stories of you taking students out witnessing on campus. You were a force to be reckoned with (and I experienced it too just not on campus). I’m sure you still are.

Julie Robinson
Hello, fellow SFCers. I came to Christ while a student at James Cook Uni in Townsville in 1982. My husband also came to Christ soon after. We have been married now for 25 years and have seven amazing children. We led the SFC campus group for a few years and Mark went on to become Missions Director for SFC We owe a great deal to those days, and than God for the ministry of SFC.

Jeffery Pool
Mark and Julie are absolute legends. Mark Robinson was my lecturer at Rhema College in Townsville from 1991-1992. He lectured with energy. The stories at Uni with Julie were so inspiring. He was my hero. Led worship at Calvary Temple, discipled so many people at James Cook Uni. Inspired Warwick Drew, who inspired Adrian Garrone, who eventually became a campus worker and baptised me. Thanks Guys. Love you Mark Robinson. Keep going in the Queensland Senate. Make waves for Jesus. You, Julie, are soooo inspiring as a mother and your smile and kind words always made a difference to tired Uni students.

Grant Donnan
We have just finished our first year in Indonesia, its such an amazing place, kids are loving it and we see it as our home for quite a few years to come.

Ken Johnston
I remember Mark speaking at a VIC state conference. He must have been good that was 14 years ago.

Laws Lisa Laws
Hey another great memory – all night prayer meetings or was that just an SA thing. Can remember doing all things to try to stay away at 3am onwards. Torture, cant imagine doing anything like that now!

Susannah Taylor
It wasn’t just a SA thing, we did it in VIC too. Although I think some ended up with us going to sleeping bags at about 3am.

Grant Donnan
It has been a long time since we did an all night of prayer, our church had a week of prayer and fasting that finished at 12 midnight, but wasn’t up to it then, or many now lol

Lisa Laws
We did an all night prayer meeting recently at Rostrevor Baptist, but it was by shift, only required to fill an hour slot…

Sarah Ardu
No all night prayer meetings weren’t just an SA thing. We did quite a lot of them in Melb. The 3-5 am stretch sure was hard going.

Valerie Dawn
Yeah those round the nation prayer meetings – my poor neighbours we must have kept them up!

Lisa Laws
Well if something’s going to wake the neighbours I guess a prayer meeting would be the best thing lol

Keira Johnston
Monash Uni Clayton 1998-2001, then campus working at Melbourne Uni 2002-2003. (Gotta love a ministry that you score an awesome hubby from ;O) Living and Pastoring in Melb, married to Ken, mum of 3, 1 on the way

Robyn O’Brien
I said I was “not attending” but I just came home from my prayer meeting… I was known as Robyn Crennan at Deakin Melb 1998-2002

Jefferey Pool
So many of our former members are missionaries, ministers, church planters, and with hearts for a dying world needing Jesus.

Ken Johnston
Melbourne Uni 95-2000 Geomatics/Science. Campus worker 00-03 @ Melb Uni. Associate Pastor

Galer Mal Galer
Came late in the game, but what a time it was. Campus Leader, Griffith Mt Gravatt, 1995/6-1998 However, spent a bit of time with Toowoomba crew: Shane Brigg and co. Good times!!

Susannah Taylor
Hi everyone! I went to Melbourne Uni 1994-1998, Education. Since then I’ve lived in the country and south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Currently I’m casual relief teaching in Gippsland and helping my Grandmother.

Sharon G Yates
I studied Maths and stats at La Trobe Bundoora. Gary Ho was one of our worker and favourite DG leader was Nomi Brice.

Adelaine Ng
Most unfavourite memory was Valerie Dawn grabbing my tambourine and using it to wake us up at wee hours for morning prayer. These days could be classified as torture.

Jeffery Pool
Such a talented group of people to work with. SFC James Cook Uni, 1986-1990, Melb Uni 1996. Proud to have worked with Adrian and Catherine Garrone, Joel, Harrini, Daniel Sanders, Oliver Nicholson, Fiona, Ken Johnston and so on. Great times and laughs. God’s blessing to you all.

Williams Jeff Williams
I can’t remember all the dates, must be get old!!! Lol. Was state director SFC QLD. Planted church 10 years ago, Princess Theatre Church in Brisbane.

Leow Jason Leow
Melbourne Uni 1998-2002, commerce/science, now running a music production and film studio at www.decemberSwitch.comin Melbourne! I miss those conferences where musos from around VIC would get together and rock out!!

Burnard Mark Burnard
Hi to you all former SFCers, I have to say those were the days, what a powerful national movement that impacted so many lives, Hard to believe it was 20 years ago! I was involved at Sydney, UNSW and UTS from time to time but was mainly working on materials for the STMT program which I think was an awesome initiative. Now working in IT, currently with a company called EMC, living in Penshurst and raising 4 kids with my wife of 15 years J

Selkirk Miller Yvonne Selkirk Miller
Favourite memories…. Getting back on track with God after having a slightly, well quite rebellious teenage years… Touched by God is amazing way, experienced God in a way I’d never known before that!

Ho Ivan Ho
Literally walked into SFC without invitation in ’86 when Gordon Gibbs was doing a series of meetings at UNSW. I was powerfully baptized in the Holy Spirit in his 2ndmeeting. Before that I was attending a very traditional Baptist church in Sydney. That encounter changed my life, my fav memory!

Adelaine Ng
Adelaine Ng Curtin Uni 1990-93 I think. Now work in Melbourne attending CityLife church.

van der merwe Ben van der Merwe
Favourite times were weekly meetings. They were always lively and fun.

Kilpatrick Nicola Claire Kilpatrick
I think my favourite SFC memories were Club meetings together, doing the budgets! A bit dorky I know 😉 I also really enjoyed our chill-out camps at the end of the year J

Gillie A Anne Gillie
Hi Everyone. Anne Gillie here. SFC 1983-1984 at La Trobe Uni then supporting Milton who was Director at Monash until 1988. Currently live in the Lower Hunter Valley in NSW work as a Real Estate Agent and involved in HopeUC church.

Valerie Dawn
Memories: DG missions trips community life together camps national conference.. and that one off staff training camp we had…

Gunaseelan Immanuel Gunaseelan
Hi everyone from everywhere… This is Immanuel from Melb Uni 2002-2007. I reckon this is a great idea.

Keeling Kerrie Keeling
Kerrie Keeling (Delves) Bendigo Latrobe 92. I agree favourite memories were camps and of course meeting Ian.

Kerrie Keeling
Favourite camp memory was setting off the mega phone siren and waking all the boys in their dorms around 2 in the morning and I think wombat hunting at night with Judith at Licola. Fun times,

Johnson Kirsty Johnson
hmmm… favourite memories would be SFC camps playing Lowest card loses and getting by on minimal sleep. And getting frocked up for formals. Always wore my tiara-had to live up to the Princess nickname J

Lisa Laws
Hey guys, I’m thinking we should spend some time in prayer for the campuses, like Grant Donnan said it’s like those old national prayer phone hookups which took so much faith the believe that Telstra would keep us all connected. Pause for a moment and pray for the campuses.

Sarah Ardu
Didn’t list my course in last post: Science, Melb Uni 1983-1986 (Did final year part time to go on staff with SFC parttime) Then fully on SFC staff 1987-1990. Currently missionary with ACC World Missions in Cambodia since 1998

Oliver Nicholson
I remember Sarah when you came to speak at Melb Uni in 1997-8 and spoke about the years of preparation involved before leaving. We’re still preparing so it was always an encouragement

Saltmiras Pip Saltmiras
Starting again… UNSW, Wool and Pastoral Science 1980-84. Worked for years in our dental practice as financial manager, now at JCU Townsville studying Occupational Therapy as well as a Master in Public Health. Only God knows where that will end up! Loving the journey though.

Goodall Martin Goodall
Favourite times were our regular camps

Daniel Sanders
SFC Conferences were always amazing – couldn’t count how many lives were eternally impacted as a result.

Daniel Sanders
I remember one year having 14 people from Monash Pharmacy College attend, possibly the first time we could say that we had 2% of an entire university at a conference.

Oliver Nicholson
The last National conference in 1996 was memorable

Anne Gillie
Tim Hall trying to preach a deep theological message!! Oh and the water fight!

Campbell Sonja Sonja Campbell
Sonja Campbell (Roldan) – Monash Frankston from 1989-1992. Now on Pastoral team at Bayside Church, Frankston Campus. Married to Stuart Campbell (also SFC, from 1985-1987, Monash Caulfield), 3 wonderful kids (8-12 years old)

Yvonne Selkirk Miller
Studied at Swinburne Uni from 1993-1997, did B.SC. in Biochemistry… now work at GSK (Pharmaceutical company) involved in my church (C3) leading a connect group as well as helping out in other areas too.

Milton Gillie
At RMIT 1979-1982. Director Monash Uni 1983-1988. Now own Axis Software, attend Hope UC.

Shand T Tracy Shand
Melb Uni 1986-1993, Science & staff working, where I met Phil and the rest is history.

Croft Steve Croft
Macquarie Uni 1986-1989, working for the RTA in Sydney

Grant Donnan
Hi all again following protocol this time, Grant Donnan former Melb Uni 85-87, Bendigo Latrobe 88, Footscray FIT 90,91, Flinders Uni 92-98. Now working in a Christian School in Indonesia SPH International. Married to Ceri Ne Edmondson 4 children 5-13 years

Valerie Dawn
Psych at curtin. WA state director 91-93. Currently psychologist in private practice. ministry at Champion Lakes Christian Church in Perth.

Totterdell Barb Totterdell
Hi everyone, Barb Totterdell – Swinburne (Melbourne) 199301995 now in Perth working as Community Missions Coordinator with Scripture Union WA.

Dwight Melinda Dwight
Melinda Dwight, Monash University SFC (around 1983 as it was starting and then kept connecting over the years at conferences etc.)

Martin Goodall
Hi JCU 1980 to 1984 and NSW late 80’s.

Garry Austin
Campus – Canberra Uni 1986-87; UQ 1992-1994; HK 1994-96; UQ 1996-2011 Teaching TESOL at UQ

Lisa Laws
Hi all, Lisa Laws here SFC SA 85 and onwards. Wife and mother of three, working to support the youth ministry at Hope Valley Uniting, studying MA at Tabor.

Lisa Laws
ps used to SFC SA administrator – that seems like a lifetime ago

McPhee Ross McPhee
Hi everyone. Ross McPhee (ex La Trobe University, 1993-1996) from Melbourne.

Irene Shand-Len
Hi All Thank God for dreamers and visionaries… SFC you just had to be there…

Melinda Dwight
Hi from Cambodia where I’m with Sarah Ardu at a pastors conference… Sitting on a balcony, warm weather… Love the great commission and the global church!!

Nicola Claire Kilpatrick
I was at Monash University SFC in Melbourne J

Sarah Ardu
Hi all. Joining you here from the coast of Cambodia with Melinda Dwight. Sitting on a lovely breezy balcony of a hotel. Tomorrow we will be busy with the Cambodian AOG pastors family camp. (SFC Melb Uni 83-86, SFC staff 87-90)

Searles Warren Searles
Sydney University 1981-83 BSc. National Director SFC 1986-1995.

Sullivan Ross Sullivan
Hi everybody, Ross from SFC in Toowoomba. It was in SFC that I had the opportunity to attend my 1stShort Term Missions Trip & I am forever grateful to the SFC team in QLD for their support & encouragement that has allowed me to realised my dream of long term missions. Live the dream everyone…

Grant Donnan
Hi SFC Vic and Adelaide, Grant and Ceri Donnan now living in Indonesia.

Coombs Angela Angela Coombs
We are living in Chicago while my husband Clayton Coombs is completing his PhD in theology. Actually, at the moment, he is presenting a paper at Oxford in England, so he might be able to attend – not sure of how the time difference works out for him. We were both involved in SFC at Monash. Clayton was involved at Caulfield, and then later became the Campus Director at Monash Clayton in the late 90s. They were formative years for both of us. Towards the end of my husband Clayton’s involvement on the Clayton campus, he was employed to work for City Life Church as the young adults pastor. After 5 years, the Lord led us to move out to the States for further study – first Fuller Seminary and now Wheaton College. We plan to return to Melbourne around June next year with our now four children.

Here’s To All The Real Men Out There…

fatherandson Boys play house. Men build homes.

Boys shack up. Men get married.

Boys make babies. Men raise children.

A boy won’t raise his own child. A man will raise his and someone else’s.

Boys invent excuses for failure. Men produce strategies
for success.

Boys look for somebody to take care of them. Men look for someone to take care of.

Boys seek popularity. Men earn respect by knowing how to give it.

Boys quit and walk away when things get hard. Men will promise to love you through it all.

10 Tips To Stress Less





1. Take time for things that feel good

2. Volunteer – it’s never too late

3. Go for a walk or a swim

4. Learn a new skill

5. Contact an old friend

6. Join a club or interest group

7. Enjoy the outdoors

8. Share with a trusted friend

9. Take one thing at a time

10. Have a cup of tea


Getting Your Dream Job #3: How To Hand In Your Resume


shutterstock_72258340 Below you’ll find various ways on how to go about handing in your resume.

  • Approaching Businesses

– Dress to impress!

– Have your resume, references and cover letter ready (and not crinkled or creased!)

– Walk into the business, ask for the manager.
If the manager is not there at that moment, ask when they’ll be back and return at that time. Do not just hand your resume over to a sales assistant!

– When meeting the manager, shake hands, introduce yourself (name, current occupation/field of study, give a 30 second spiel on what you appreciate about the company and ask if they have any positions available), and most importantly, make sure you smile!

– You’re also going to want to remember the manager’s name (even if that means writing it down once you’ve left) so in any future situation, you can create a personal connection

– The reply to your question about available positions can go a number of different ways:

“Sorry, we don’t have any positions available at the moment”
To which you could reply….
“Ok. What can I do to show you I should be the next person you hire?”
More often than not, saying that is the very thing!


“Yes. We will give you a call in a few days”
To which you could reply…
“Great, look forward to hearing from you. Nice meeting you *insert manager’s name here*” and shake their hand firmly.
If you don’t get the call, don’t fret. Just pop back after the time they said they would call, ask for the manager (hopefully you can ask for them by name this time), shake their hand again and say something along the lines of…
“Hi, I’m John Smith. I came in *insert time period here* and was just wondering if there was any progress on available positions?” Make sure you have your resume, cover letter and references with you.


“Yes. Why don’t you come out into the back now for a quick interview?”
If this happens, make sure you are prepared (Make sure you’ve read Getting Your Dream Job #4: How To Prepare For An Interview)

Do not refuse this offer! Make sure when you go in to meet the manager that you are not in a rush and have the time for this to happen.

  • Website Application

– Cover letters are often required

– References are often required

– Resume will definitely be needed
eg. ‘John Smith Resume’ rather than ‘johnres11’

– Apply for everything you want to!
All it takes is a click – just make sure your cover letter and resume are applicable to the position being offered

Copyright networkyou.org

Getting Your Dream Job #4: How To Prepare For An Interview


shutterstock_88248997 There are 4 things YOU can do to make an outstanding first impression:

  • Be confident in YOU

Dress to impress! Show up confident in yourself and looking professional.
Be convinced within yourself that the company will be better off with you and make sure you can clearly and confidently express why.
Have questions prepared for the interview. Often the employer will ask you if you have any questions about the job, at some point in the interview – make sure you have something to ask!
Appropriate question: Is there any potential to advance to managerial positions within the company?
Inappropriate question: How long is my lunch break?

  • Know YOU

Make sure you can talk about anything on your resume in great detail! But know the right stuff – they don’t want to know WHAT you did in great detail, but rather HOW it shows your character/personality/work ethic.
Have your resume, cover letter and references with you also! (The employer would have most likely lost it by now…)

  • Calm YOU

Be punctual, or even better…EARLY! This will give you time to think through any last minute thoughts, calm all your nerves and shows them that you are serious about the job.
You have nothing to be nervous about. If you get the job, great! But if you don’t, your life is not over. There are a gazillion other jobs out there and probably one that is more suited to you.
Everything happens for a reason, trust God.
And without a doubt, the best way to calm yourself…PRAY! Hand it over to God, he lights your path.

  • Be YOU!

The best thing you can do in a job interview is be yourself. Trying to be something you’re not or acting like someone you’re not can not only misleading to the employer (potentially causing problems after they’ve hired you and you turn our to be a completely different person) but could stop you from getting the job! The worst thing you could do is be fake. Often when people are not themselves, they come across uncomfortable and nervous – this is not the impression you want to be giving!
Be yourself, answer questions honestly, keep with your personality, don’t change yourself for a job. That way, you’ll get the job that is perfect for you! Work doesn’t have to be something we hate!

Copyright networkyou.org

Getting Your Dream Job #5: How To Dress To Impress


shutterstock_89476936 You’ve probably seen the term ‘dress to impress’ appear throughout the previous articles…. This is what it means:

  • Dress like the staff
  • If you’re unsure, wear business pants and a white top (Even for retail)
  • Enclosed black shoes
  • Hair back/off your face (this applies to males too)
  • No excessive make up or jewellery
  • Look professional


While you’re still searching for a job, remember these points:

  • Be passionate
  • Show initiative
  • Keep going
  • Keep believing – There is a job out there somewhere for you!

And finally, once you get the job….


You have worked your way to success!

– Be early for your first day/shift

– Ask questions if you have them (it shows your understanding), just make sure you aren’t asking something you’re already meant to know/they’ve already told you!

– Take initiative – if you see something that needs to be done, and you know how to do it… do it!


Copyright networkyou.org

Getting Your Dream Job #2: How To Write Your Resume


shutterstock_34195231 For most job applications, you’ll need to have a few different things ready. A resume is a definite must! A cover letter is recommended, and it shows your professionalism to have references and referees ready. If you are unsure of what these are, or how to write them, then the points below are for you!

  • Resume

Resumes are like snowflakes, each one is unique!

There are many different ways to write a resume. Depending on the type of job, finding the right template is essential. Google is full of templates for different occupations. But if you’re struggling, use the following basic template:

– Personal Details (name/suburb/phone/emails)
– Career Summary
– Education & Qualifications
– Volunteer work
– Interests
– References & Referees

In any resume, make sure what you are writing is specific, or applicable to that particular job. You want to show all your skills that can apply to that job, but don’t ramble on.

  • Cover Letters

Write a new cover letter for each company you apply to

A cover letter consists of:
– A little about yourself (not so much your qualifications – that is what your resume is for – but rather how you relate to the company)
– What you appreciate about the company
– How you can build on the company (This is where you must research, research and research!!! Go to the company website, find their aim or values, know the history of the company and using this information, make note of how you can support this as an employee)

  • References

Make sure you have at least one reference with your resume. A reference is a document written (and by written, I mean typed) by either a past employer, or someone who knows you/how you work stating all the wonderful things about you and your work ethic! They show employers that you are a valuable employee. Upon leaving places of employment, ask your employer if they can write a reference for you.

  • Referees

Referees are similar to a reference in the sense that they are either a past employer or someone who knows you/how you work/what you excel at, who is happy for your potential employer to contact them seeking information about you. A referee could be your old employer, or someone like your youth leader or Pastor.

When listing a referee on a resume, give their name (first and last), occupation and their phone number.

Before handing anyone’s information over to your potential employer, make sure you have approached your referee asking their permission to be listed as such.

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Getting Your Dream Job #1: How To Find Job Opportunities

shutterstock_63790765 Getting a job doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult and there are often more places than you think looking for staff. You just have to know what you want, and how to market yourself for such. By learning how to….

  1. Find job opportunities
  2. Write your resume
  3. Hand in your resume
  4. Prepare for an interview
  5. Dress to impress

….in this series of 5 articles, getting your dream job will be easy!

So we’ll start with #1: How To Find Job Opportunities


There are 5 different networks YOU have immediate access to, each offering their own connections to various workplaces.

  • Your Personal Network

Your personal network is the simplest way to get connected to an available position, as all it requires is a friendly question.

Firstly, ask your friends.
There may be positions opening up at their workplace, or they may have heard of other places hiring. (It’s a bonus if their workplace is hiring, as they can potentially recommend you to their boss.)

Then comes the family – Parents, siblings and your Uncle George.
Just like your friends, members of your family may have positions opening up at their workplaces and may have heard of other places hiring. Make sure you don’t forget to chat to Uncle George at Christmas. Often, Uncle George is the CEO of a large company who could do with an assistant or something of the sort. Work all your connections – the least you have to look around, the better!

After asking every friend and family member you possibly can, go to your friendly neighbours.
Similarly, their workplace may be hiring, or they may know of another. However, neighbours differ in the fact that they can give you a workplace that differs to most. They may be an elderly couple who would love to pay you to mow their lawn every couple of weeks, or a couple with kids, who wouldn’t mind paying you to pick the kids up from school, or babysit them on date night – so it never hurts to stick your head over the fence and discuss your lack of employment.

Get friendly with the locals.
This point is for those of you on a first name basis with your baker or newsagent. Local businesses love supporting community and there is a good chance they need someone else to bake the bread or sell the newspapers every now and then. Casually let them know you’re looking for a job.

  • Internet

The internet is FULL of potential jobs, you just have to find them.

Facebook (www.facebook.com) – What’s on your mind? “Anyone know of any places hiring?” Hopefully the comments start rolling in….

Seek (www.seek.com.au) – They call themselves Australia’s #1 job site, try and prove them wrong.

Gumtree (www.gumtree.com.au) – Gumtree is filled with various job opportunities, ranging from banking and finance to nanny/babysitting. They even have call centre jobs. Even if there isn’t a suitable job for you on there, it may give you ideas of other places to apply to.

Company sites – such as The Cotton On Group (http://shop.cottonon.com/careers/) – a website that lets you apply to 7 different companies from the one website, or sites for companies like MYER (http://www.myer.com.au/careers), that allow you to apply for retail, or office jobs.

  • Print Sources

Your trusty local newspaper or Saturday paper will have a classifieds full of job opportunities staring you in the face – worth a squiz I say.

It may also be worth a stroll through your local shopping centre, taking note of any job ads in shop windows.

  • Agencies

If you apply to the requirements, Centrelink can list you as a job seeker, and hook you up with one of their employees who will go through your resume with you and help you apply for jobs.

Private Recruitment Agencies such as http://www.kellyservices.com.au/ are another support service who can guide you through the job application process.

  • Cold Calling

Approaching places of interest with your resume in hand and dressed to impress! (See: Getting Your Dream Job #3: How To Hand In Your Resume)

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Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) – Maximise Your International Student Contact

international-studentsAustralian students can help international students by joining an English Conversation Club on or off campus. Such groups provide newly arrived students with a safe and friendly environment and an opportunity to practice speaking and listening to English. For many this may be the only chance they get to meet Aussies outside of formal English classes. For volunteers, such service can lead to some very special friendships from enthusiastic and grateful young people from around the globe. The one hour Convo club time can lead into other social times – BBQs, game nights, and outings around town, to church, or further afield. This was my experience as a Students for Christ staffworker at the University of Queensland. Over the past 17 years it has brought me into close contact with people from over 40 nations many of whom I maintain contact and brotherly relations with long after I first taught them. Read on and find out more.

Entry Level Qualifications

The next level beyond volunteer conversation partner is to do a basic TESOL qualification. By TESOL we mean Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Among the many ways to do this is to do a Certificate IV in TESOL offered by organisations, businesses and schools all over Australia in class or online, full time or part time. They will usually involve input on theory or other practical instruction, and sessions involving lesson planning and observed teaching practice. A similar but more recognised course is the Cambridge CELTA offered by a limited number of institutions and carefully monitored for quality. It is available as a 4 week intensive course or as a part-time course but either way the expectations are high. As with the Cert IV, it involves regular practice teaching and this is where the intensity comes – planning and preparing lessons for which you will be critiqued. I chose the 4 week intensive CELTA, finishing on the Friday and leaving Australia for Hong Kong on the Saturday, with an urgent need to find work.

Overseas Opportunities

Employment in TESOL is easier overseas than in Australia when you have a qualification but not experience. Many countries have a dearth of native English speakers and are keen to employ good people to offer conversation practice to the students of their schools, universities and even their workers. Pay rates differ greatly between nations and according to qualifications and experience. There are plenty of opportunities offered online. Once in Hong Kong, I was able to get tutoring work with individuals, and then a break with the British Council teaching Business English, followed by a chaplaincy position in an international school. Later I found English teaching work in community colleges in the New Territories. The qualification opened the door to experience allowing me close contact with people needing both English teaching and the ministry of Christ. It also allowed me to accumulate teaching hours – a necessary precursor to getting an English teaching job in Australia, but that was easier said than done.

Finding Work in Australia

To be employed as a teacher of English in an Australian international college, teachers are usually required to have at least 800 hours of teaching experience – that’s about a year of full time experience before we can teach in an Australian classroom. An overseas teaching experience is a real asset to your job hunting. There are numerous schools in each city and you may have to contact many of them before you get an interview. It is even better if you know someone already employed in a school. This can be the result of connections from when you did your TESOL course, or from volunteering as a conversation partner.

Early TESOL Opportunities

What kind of work is offered to newcomers? What will you be doing? In my case, I started teaching 2-4 week study tours made up of university groups from Japan. These programs involve facilitating a lot of fun activities which provide learners basic vocabulary and grammar structures on topics relevant to their stay in Australia or to general day to day topics. You might progress on from this to some general English programs of maybe 5-10 weeks in duration. These are usually pitched at a definite level – Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, or Upper-Intermediate. Class may focus on integrating various skills, or may be specifically directed to developing an individual skill such as Listening, Speaking, Reading, or Writing. It may be a Grammar class or have a Vocabulary focus. You will develop your skills for this by becoming familiar with the textbooks and inhouse materials, by testing out different ideas you get, through conferences and professional development sessions, and by asking students what they like doing. To advance in your career, though, you may have to do further study.

Advanced Qualifications

Many universities offer Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters programs in Education (TESOL) or in Applied Linguistics. This may be the prerequisite to getting a full time position and would certainly be an advantage if you were wanting to teach on English for Academic Preparation courses. Such a course allows you to get a deeper understanding of the background theories about Second Language Acquisition or Cultural Aspects of Language. Some courses will be highly practical such as Teaching Methodology or Course Design. There will likely also be a range of electives. You could go on to do a Research Masters or even a PhD although these are not needed for most Australian teaching situations. These may open doors to lecturing positions overseas for those wanting an academic career.

Advantages of Teaching English

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         What I most like about having a career in TESOL is that I am continually interacting with students from all over the world. As their teacher, I am able to help them reach their goals and to do so in a context which allows for very natural interaction. I am continually learning from them as well – about their countries, their families, their challenges, and even about their religions. Similarly, I have found that students are usually very keen to visit my church and, whilst there is never any pressure for conversion, some have found themselves feeling totally at home at church and have made a decision to follow Jesus.



Certificate IV in TESOL – Language Training Institute http://www.lti.edu.au/

Certificate IV in Teaching Conversational English – Intercultural Training Institute http://www.interculturaltraining.com.au/

Cambridge CELTA – Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education – www.icte.uq.edu.au

Master of Applied Linguistics – University of Queensland – www.uq.edu.au

Long list of courses Australia wide: http://www.eslbase.com/courses/australia/


Dave’s ESL Cafe: http://www.eslcafe.com/joblist/

ESL Employment: http://www.eslemployment.com/

Various Australian language schools

Study in Australia – http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/en/Courses/English-Courses

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Garry Austin

Christian Identity And The Contributions Of Chinese Business Christians

Book Review: Kingdom Minded People: Christian Identity and the Contributions of Chinese Business Christians

45846At one time in Chinese history, it was assumed that a mission school graduates who went into business was lost to the cause of Christ. The historical records suggest, however, that many such Chinese graduates went on to do great things as Christian business leaders in China and in Australia. This is the topic of a new book by Dr Denise A. Austin, Academic Director (Queensland) for Alphacrucis College, a Students for Christ alumni from James Cook University Townsville and the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Whilst studying an Asian Studies degree at the University of Queensland, Denise discovered that a number of leading Chinese businessmen of the early 1900s were also Christians but little research had been done on their contributions to society. Meanwhile from missionary records, there were occasional references to donations from nameless Chinese business people. Here was a gap that needed to be investigated. Who were these unnamed Chinese business Christians and what was the significance of their faith? This led to a doctoral thesis in the history department of the University of Queensland.

Now, these research findings have been published by Brill, one of the most prestigious religious publishers in the world. “Kingdom-minded People: Christian Identity and the Contributions of Chinese Business Christians” reveals that these entrepreneurs, many of whom had been converted in Australia, conducted their business out of their identity as Christians. This was evident through their contributions to the societies they lived in, their business practices, and their involvement in active Christian ministry sponsoring church plants, Christian schools and hospitals. The motivations of these early Chinese Christian business people were made clearer through comparisons and investigations with Catholic and contemporary Chinese Christian business peDENISE_AUSTIN_PHOTO_JPG_291x900_upscale_detail_q85ople. It has been suggested that ‘this systematic study provides new understanding of how Christian identity motivates Chinese business Christians toward economic, social and religious contribution.’

Denise A. Austin, Ph.D. (2004) in History, University of Queensland, is Academic Director, Queensland for Alphacrucis College (Australian Christian Churches). She has contributed to several works on Chinese and Australian Christian history, including “Religion and Spirituality” (IAP, 2010).

The Power of a Praying Mother

We live in a busy age. The industrial revolution, greater specialisation, flexibility in the workplace, technologies that free work from a geo-spatial location to anywhere the worker may choose have meant that marketplace employment can continue through the stages of life that once precluded a worker from continuing. The birth of a child, for example. With greater choice and an increased lifestyle expectation necessitating greater income, there can be pressure for parents to return to work. The mood of our age can diminish the usefulness and value of full-time parenting.

My mum didn’t work. My dad was a respected manager in a multinational company. I visited his office in my school holidays. I sat at his desk in a high-level corner office on Market Street. My mum annoyed me much of the time. I did not aspire to be a stay at home mother who did not “work.”

As a primary age child and a teenager, I aspired to lofty things… to make a difference in my work, to achieve academically, to be like my dad with his seeming career success. My mum prayed with me – daily.

When I was completing my HSC in a year of divorce and sickness in our family. My mother was praying for me. When I was navigating the isolation and overwhelm of university, my mother was praying for me. When I was embarking upon a series of interviews and my subsequent first year in the workforce, my mother was praying – and ringing me nightly to make sure I was making it through. When I transitioned into a full time ministry role, leaving behind the security and seeming significance of a clear career path, my mother was proud, and praying. Always praying. It was her work.

Early this year as I was juggling the final semester of Masters degree and the rewards and challenges of a church plant and other ministry roles, it was my mother who was on the phone counselling, praying and strengthening me. Even in the throws of advanced kidney disease and the commensurate toll that almost daily dialysis was having on her mind and body, she was still praying. Working.

When she died in June this year there was no consternation over her future – she had gone to be with the Friend she had known for a lifetime. No successor was employed in her role. She had finished her life work and had left a legacy of a short lifetime of prayer. What a great loss and a great weight of glory. Her career of prayer had spanned the adult chapter of her 55 years of life. She didn’t study in a university. She didn’t mark her achievements on a CV. She was never headhunted by recruiters for a coveted role.

Kim’s career, however, built my life. She worked from home and she brought heaven to earth through hidden, daily, persistent prayer.

Against the spirit of the age, my mother, and many others chose to respond to what they believed to be a vocational call to parent full time, and in my mother’s case, “work” in her office of the woman who prays. The investmdsc_0052 (3)ent and outcome of that work, though not as concrete and evident as a KPI document, will speak into eternity.

Kristy Rigg
Shirelive Church
, Pastor (Cityside, Generations & Special Projects)