Denis Alexander – Director, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion,

clip_image002Denis Alexander, director, Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge
I believe in the existence of a personal God. Viewing the universe as a creation renders it more coherent than viewing its existence as without cause. It is the intelligibility of the world that requires explanation.

Second, I am intellectually persuaded by the historical life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, that He is indeed the
Son of God. Jesus is most readily explicable by understanding Him as the Son of God. Third, having been a Christian for more than five decades, I have experienced God through Christ over this period in worship, answered prayer and through His love. These experiences are more coherent based on the assumption that God does exist.

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  1. Julia has recently relocated to Cambridge from London and has two part-time jobs, one at St.Barnabas Church and the other here at the Faraday Institute. She has previously worked for arts based organizations like Greenbelt Festival and OneSound so a departure to the sciences with the Faraday Institute is a new avenue to explore for her.

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