Decrease Your Budget, Not Your Lifestyle

shutterstock_18704263 As you take another painful bite into that tuna sandwich, it might be time to consider, are there other ways I can decrease my budget that won’t send my taste buds to an early grave?! Well the answer, my friends, lies in a well established organisation called the op shop. An op shop, you mean dead peoples clothes? Well yes, in part, but there are also some serious brand name bargains at op shops and here is how to get them:

  • Look for an op shop that has a manager that seems to have little knowledge on brands. If Target cheapies are priced the same as Rip Curl, you’re in the right place.
  • After a couple of weeks ask for a discount. Don’t be crazy on this, but if 3 items cost $12 ask to have it for $10. At the end of the day all items are donated to op shops, so no matter what they make on the item it’s all profit.
  • Come in when the new stock is being put on the shelves. Op shops work on getting things in and out fast so you need to be there at the right time. Generally most stock gets donated on Saturdays and is sorted and put on the shelves by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.
  • Befriend the op shop staff. You will find if you befriend the op shop staff they will tell you the best times to come in and may even hold the items you want straight away before they get put on the shop floor.

Tuna sandwiches taste great for about a week and then the countdown begins to real food from part-time work in uni holidays. There is no need to become another tuna statistic, simply decrease your budget by finding the right local gold mine op shop. When there’s lamb in your sandwich and Industry on your shirt, you won’t regret it.

Raymond Mitchell, Victorian Universities DirectorRaymo

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