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O WEEK UPDATE: University of the Sunshine Coast – Connect groups have begun!

USCWe’re gathering students in ‘missional’ discipleship groups. Can you imagine what might happen when teams of passionate, caring, creative, students connect? These dynamic small groups of students are connecting to support , release , and mobilise each other with a passion to Impact the World. Inspiring bible studies: Foundational Truths, Serving, Leadership, and Mission. Social Outings, Outreach opportunities, Prayer.


This year will be a highlight in the life of our group on the University of Queensland. Gathering together Christian students from various churches and denominations we seek to encourage one another, reach out to those around us and make Jesus known on campus! We come together in prayer meetings, small group studies and social activities. Because we’re from a range of churches, if you’re living away from home and in need of a new church, we can help you find a place you’ll be comfortable.

CHC-in full logoThe College aims to be a Christian higher education institution that prepares people to make a difference in the world around them and in their professional career.  To love God with your whole heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbour as yourself, are the principles which guide CHC’s mission and which give shape to our pursuit of higher education within a Christian vision of life. The outworking of this is through CHC’s understanding of a Christian worldview which underpins and informs all of our pursuits.

To connect with Students For Christ on your campus, CLICK HERE.

WATCH THIS SPACE to hear about the new groups being formed on campuses this year!

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